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Speeding ticket in New Mexico, California Drivers License. Will points transfer?

Spring Valley, CA |

I'm asking this for my boyfriend.

He got a speeding ticket in New Mexico for going 30 mph over the limit (95 mph to be exact) and he is wondering if the points will transfer to his CA DL and how it will transfer? Will that be considered reckless driving to CA and will they cite him as if he were going 30 mph over in CA? How will the points work? He's worried. He doesn't want to lose his license or have it suspended/have a misdemeanor. Should we even be worried at all?

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California will not punish him for an infraction/misdemeanor in NM, but the Auto Insurance Carrier will probably pick it up on the next Credit Check at renewal. Reckless Driving will hurt; he may find himself as an Assigned Risk.

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Because of the interstate compact, California will find out about the conviction. Depending on how it transfers it can add points to your California driving record. Unless he has too many points in California, nothing will happen here.

If you have 4 points in 1 year the DMV will consider you a negligent operator and can suspend your license, 6 points in 2 years or 8 points in 3 years.


CA will definitely find out about this conviction. The CA DMV will convert points. Was this a reckless in NM? A misdemeanor? Insurance will find out too.

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