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Speeding ticket in evensham nj safe corridor area

Sicklerville, NJ |

i was given a speeding ticket saying i was doing 59 in a 50. I was just coming down a large hill, when the cop was there waiting. don't they understand down hill speeds tend to be a little faster? because this is a safe corridor area, I am worried even if i plead this to a different charge, that fine will still be doubled? is that the case due to the safe corridor area? also i did plea a speeding ticket almost 9 years ago am i able to try to do it again? i dont know how many times you are able to do that in your life time? what would you recommend I do?

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This is a 2 NJMVC points ticket. You can plead not guilty and speak with the prosecutor. It's possible the prosecutor will amend the summons so it is a 0 NJMVC points event for you.

Steven Edward Weir

Steven Edward Weir


Never enter a guilty plea to a moving violation. EVER!!! Disregard any advice to the contrary. The greater worry is what happens when you have an accident 6 months or a year down the road, and you can't unring the first bell. Don't be pennywise and pound foolish. Hire local counsel.


going 9mph over the speed limit is a 2 point violation. As stated, you can plead not guilty and hope the prosecutor amends the ticket to 0 points. If you can, hire an attorney so that he or she can assess possible defenses and reduce the points accordingly by negotiating with the prosecutor for you.

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The fact that you pled guilty 9 years ago should not change anything for you. When you talk to a prosecutor, ask him to check your driving record. In some instances, prior record may matter for the purposes of receiving motor vehicle points - for example if a prosecutor offers you to plead guilty to NJSA 39:4-97.2 ("driving in an unsafe manner" - which carries no points for first and second offenses). But if your last violation was 9 years ago, you should be fine, and you can try to negotiate with a prosecutor a no-point ticket. IF you decide to plead guilty to anything, double check with the prosecutor the amount of fine you will have to pay.

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I don't recommend using a downgrade on a two point ticket unless you are facing some other consequence. Under 14 miles per hour you will not see an insurance increase if you are carrying no points. I'd hate to see you get hit withy severeve ticket and have nothing to use.

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i agree as usual with Mr. Abate. The 0 point ticket used for speeding is 39:97.2. Irt has a $436 fine because of the $250 mandatory surcharge. Pay the ticket and take a AAA safe driving course if you want to get the 2 points off or wait a year and get the 3 point reduction from the State (but not insurance-that stays for three years). I do not know about saving the double fine but the cost of an attorney to do that will be more than the doubled fine.

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