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Speeding ticket for CA Driving license in IL

Los Angeles, CA |

I have a California license and i was given a speeding ticket by a cop in Dupage County , IL.He told me that I don't need to appear in court and can pay ticket online.He told me that it will not appear on my record in California. Is it correct?
Second i was told me to pay within 15 days to avoid court appearance but my ticket information will be available only after 12-13 days on their website. This is my first offense in IL or any other state in US.

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It might still appear on your record. But what is cost of fighting it? Call an attorney in Dupage County, Ill, or inquire from their DMV or ours.

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The only way you could find out if it will appear on your record in California is to find out if IL reports it to CA. You could try contacting the court in IL and ask them if they file abstracts of traffic convictions on out-of-state drivers with their DMV. If so, it will likely make its way back to California. If not, then ask if they report to out-of-state DMV's. If not, then it has no way of getting back to California.

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Contact the IL DMV and ask if they will report it to CA DMV


Under the Driver License Compact, 45 states and D.C. participate in an interstate compact to share information on moving traffic violations. IL and CA are both participants. Since you stated your offense is speeding in IL and CA has a similar offense, the violation would likely go on your driving record. This could also be in the form of points and increased insurance costs. I suggest you consult a Dupage county attorney to determine if it is worth the cost to fight the ticket. Also, feel free to mark answers as helpful as my colleagues and I donate our time on this website. I wish you the best of luck.

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Thanks. Paid the ticket online. They have something called "under judiciary supervision" without court appearance. I think that helps in some extent

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