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Speeding ticket - school zone.

Austin, TX |

Hi I got a speeding ticket the other morning at 7:18 am for speeding in a school zone 30 in a 20. He said he clocked me at 33, but could mark it down to 20. There was supposed a sign with flashing lights but I didn't see it. (It may be there, i'll have to go check).

My ticket's confusing. It asks me to pay a fine, but also mentions registering for a driver course. Am I supposed to do both?

Is there any way to keep this from going on my record? Without paying a lot of money?

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Attorney answers 3


Call a local ticket attorney. In Dallas most full time ticket lawyers charge less than $100 per ticket. In fact, I've seen ads for $55 and $65 representation. Ask if they can keep this off your record.

Each ticket court is different and you need a lawyer who knows how to get the best result.


If you pay the fine, you can not request the driving safety course. I would encourage you to get the help of an attorney. It is important to know whether the school zone was indicated by flashing signals or by a sign. One of the questions I would ask about the attorneys that charge less than $70.00 to represent you is what services would you not be getting that other attorneys provide. Cities hope you just request the driving safety course to ease their workload.


You need to contact a ticket attorney in Austin to handle your ticket. This person should be able to keep the ticket off your driving record.

Fees to the attorney should be less than $100. You might have to pay $ to the city but it still could stay off your record.

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