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Speed cameras-what are our rights to a system that is based on "guilty until proven innocent", instead of vice versa?

Scottsdale, AZ |

I live in Arizona; what recourse do we have for fighting a ticket from those speed cameras? They are everywhere and the speed drops from 45 to 25 unexpectedly. (and for no reason-I'm not talking about a school zone or a dangerous area)They use them here as legalized speed traps.; it seems we are guilty until proven innocent. I didn't get a ticket, but I know they are not calibrated right and alot of people I know have gotten one. I have also seen them go off when they shouldn't have. Its not the case that if you just drive the speed limit you won't get one. They should be illegal; they are based strictly on profit by companies that get a certain amount a ticket and they are not even based in the US!!! Also, if a Scottsdale cop gets one he doesn't have to pay-there was a big article in the paper about this; this is a crock!

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You still have the presumption of innocence. Take every such ticket you get to traffic court. Challenge the result for lack of foundation. The police and company operating the cameras then have to prove the one that got you was operating properly at the time you got the ticket. Don't just pay these and walk away angry.