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Sons photo was taken off facebook and posted on blogspot

League City, TX |

My sons photo was my profile picture until a rso took a screenshot of a conversation that included said photo and posted it on his blog. I asked him to remove it, he refused. I have contacted everyone I could think of to no avail. Did I give up my rights to my sons photo that I took with my camera when I posted it on facebook? Is there anything at all that I can do?

Thank you for your response. No it does not change, after I realized it had been taken I removed every bit of my family from the internet. This photo is the last of us online. Facebook has a standing policy against rso but since it crosses between the 2 websites they have no control at this point. If he had posted it on facebook they could easily remove it, but since he took it off facebook and posted it on blogspot, there is nothing facebook can do. Blogspot never responded to any of my reports.

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If you change your FB photo does it change on the blog? The problem appears that you posted the photograph on the blog, so now if he starts to monitor the blog and make changes to it, he may lose some of his legal rights. Therefore, there's little he will do for you without having a court order. Good luck.
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I often say as cocktail chatter that there is no gravity on the Internet, what goes up does not come down.

That having been said, I have worked for dozens of clients to get information removed or search engine de-listed. I would say the success rate for these kinds of actions among Internet attorneys is around 70% and that the cost is from $1,000 to $1,500. It all depends on the circumstances.

You may want to discuss your situation with a lawyer in more detail. Most lawyers on Avvo, including myself, offer a free phone consultation.
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