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Son has been granted parole. How long can the Interstate Compact process take to be paroled from Alabama to Colorado?

Denver, CO |

I asked a question last month about writing letters to the parole board. Thankfully my son has been granted parole this past Tuesday. I received great advice from all the lawyers that gave answers so I would like to thank each of you for your knowledge and help. Our goal is to have him parole to Colorado through Interstate Compact. The paperwork has been filled out and he has paid the fee to start the process. How long can this process take? We also need a good lawyer very familiar with Interstate Compact. Any suggestions?

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Congratulations on your son being granted parole. I remember your question and providing some responses. It is excellent that the paperwork has already been filled out for the Interstate Compact, as that is the first big step. The process can take anywhere from a couple of weeks to a couple of months. It should not take much longer than that. I am sure that they are going to try to expedite it. However, Colorado needs to accept him under the Interstate Compact and assign him a parole officer in the Denver metro area. There are many excellent attorneys on this site who are familiar with the Interstate Compact. I am sure that some of us would offer you an initial consult and then you could decide for yourself who would be the best fit for you and your son. I am an extremely strong believer that the attorney and client need to work together as a team and have to share a common perspective with the client being willing to listen to the advise of the attorney and the attorney being open-minded to the concerns of the client.