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Someone transferred my property deeds into their name. How can I get it back.

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You need to hire a lawyer; a civil litigator who has handled real estate cases. He will have to sue the individual in a lawsuit to quiet title, and a slander of title claim. Hopefully the individual who did this is collectible, and maybe your attorney will be able to recover all or part of what it is going to cost you.

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The deeds would be a forgery. To protect yourself, hire an attorney immediately. File suit.. File a Lis Pendens.


I would report the issue to the police - it is a theft. I would then hire a civil litigator with real estate experience to set aside the transfers before the person sells to an innocent third party (which transfer you may not be able to undo).

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I agree with the other answers and would only add that you should also inform the County Clerk for the county where the deed was recorded of the issue. The filing of a fraudulent instrument in the property records is a crime.

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Kevin Matthew Koel

Kevin Matthew Koel


Also, you should probably file an affidavit in the property records as soon as possible to put third parties on notice of your claim to the property. You will need to have a property description, your name, and the name of the fraudulent grantee.


The first call you should make should be to the District Attorney.


Was fraud involved? You can probably hire an attorney to draft a demand letter in order to obtain a general warranty deed conveying the property back to you. If he/she/they will not cooperate, you will probably have to file suit. Where county is the property located?

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