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Someone took pictures of me online without my permission while I was on a webcam. They are threatening to post them online.

Atlanta, GA |

I had a long-distance boyfriend that I let see me nude on Skype online via a webcam. What I didn't know was that he was taking still shots or pictures from the webcam and has now threatened to post these pictures online. I was unaware that this was possible, and he did not have my permission to do so. Is there anything I can do legally to prevent him from posting these pictures and can I sue or prosecute him if I find out he has in fact posted these pictures somewhere. He lives in Ohio, and I live in Georgia.

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Ideally, contact an intellectual property attorney in Ohio and have him threaten to file, or actually try to get an injunction, against him to protect your privacy rights. It's vital you act quickly as once things are on the web, getting them off is virtually impossible in most cases due to a variety of legal reasons.