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Someone posted a photo of me on an adult match making site

Laguna Beach, CA |

It is not nudity or sexually explicit but it is still me and the photo they have been handing out has a tag on it to lead them to my facebook where I have had people asking me when I will meet them as I promised earllier. I have had one gentleman help me regarding this as he feels that he has been lied to aswell. I am deeply upset and destressed that someone would do this. What should i do?

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Attorney answers 2


Most reputable websites and matching services have procedures in place to remove unauthorized photos as the unfortunate situation you find yourself in is not uncommon. You should start by reviewing the website for information on removing your photo and if nothing is available try contacting the company through their listed contact information.

Your rights to the photo and to how it is used will depend on how the picture was obtained. An attorney can assist you in clearly expressing the rights that are being violated and those that you wish to assert against the company. A letter drafted by an attorney expressing the various copyright and/or privacy implications of leaving the picture on the site may be enough to have it removed.


The easiest first step to take is to submit a "takedown notice" under section 512 of the Digital Millennium Copyright Act. Most websites have a procedure in place to respond to these notices and will take down the photo within a few days, provided that you follow the specified procedure carefully. For example, see the link below and scroll down to Section 6 of the Terms of Use. Other websites have similar procedures, which are typically spelled out either in the Terms of Use, Privacy Policy, Copyright Policy, Legal Notices or similar page. Search the Web for "DMCA takedown notice" to find many resources which give more information on this subject.