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Someone filed a false police report on me .

Harrison, NJ |

Someone filed a false police report on me which resulted in loosing a job position ,kicked out of my house. here is what happen i borrowed 100 bucks from a friend. i gave her 40 of it then she told the cops i broke in to her car and stole the money.. the burglary and theft were dropped... what do i do!!!!

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The charges were dropped, so it's really not clear what you need a lawyer for. If you lost your job and got kicked out of the house (which raises questions about how they knew), you could consider filing a lawsuit against her. If she doesn't have any money, that would just be more stress and cost for you with nothing to gain. Most likely, the best thing you can do is put it behind you, move on with your life and stay away from that person.



The job knew when they did a my back round i told them no i never had a criminal back round..i had no idea they could find out open felony cases...


You can try to file a false report charge or sue her. Good Luck on either.


The charges may have been dropped, but in all likelihood you were arrested. As to your job, if your employer asked if you were ever arrested and you answered that you don't have a criminal background, but if the arrest came up on a background check, then your employer can interpret that as a lie, and fire you for lying. Obviously, many more facts that are not presented here can alter this answer, but it seems to me that is what happened. As to what you can do, I will repeat the advice previously given: put this incident behind you and move on with your life. If any potential employer inquires into your background, you should read the question very carefully as some employers only ask about convictions while others ask about arrests.

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