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Someone attempting to hack into my email?

Sacramento, CA |

i am currently going through a custody dispute and I believe that my ex has tried on at least two occasions to break into an email account that I used when we were together. The reason I believe that it is him is because I never use this account anymore, and I recently logged in to find emails that my account may have been compromised. The first date of the email correlates to the same date that he had written slanderous emails about me to an organization one of our kids was involved in, and the second was dated the same day he was served a restraining order. The emails don't clarify the IP address where this "attack" came from, but would there be any legal ramifications if it was proven to be him? If so, how would I put a stop, aside from changing the password, to the madness?

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If you no longer use the email, perhaps contact the provider and have the account closed.

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