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Somebody hit my car and run, the police found the person but she gave the officer a cancelled insurance policy.

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yes. Call the police and try to get the person charged with driving with no valid insurance. In the future they may be required to contact you to have a suspension lifted. That's probably the only way you can get your deductible paid by the at fault driver. Good luck


Hopefully you have collision coverage on your own policy. If you do not, you are unfortunately on your own fixing your car. Of course, you can sue the person who hit your car, but if they are uncollectible (likely), you are throwing good money into bad. Call your insurance agent or company to confirm your coverage immediately.


Unfortunately, you are likely in a bad position. If you had collision report it to your carrier and let them handle it. It seems as if you don't, therefore, if the other driver did not have insurance you will need to sue the owner/driver. Depending upon the extent of damage an attorney is likely not a realistice option. Small claims court is something you can pursue. Yes, you can tell the police. What action they may take is within their discretion.


In addition to the above answers, if the amount is small, take the person to small claims court.

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Common problem. See if the prosecutor can make the defendant pay in the criminal case. If not, use your insurance or file suit.

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You will need to advise your insurance company of these facts. You can get your own car repaired under the collision portion of your policy. In addition, you may be a lower deductible by filing under your uninsured motorist bodily injury coverage. The good news that that if your own insurance company recovers, they will forward your deductible to you.


If you have automobile insurance you can proceed through your own collision comprehensive coverage, and your insurance company will then attempt to subrogate (get reimbursed) from the at fault driver. You did not mention if you were injured or not, but if you were injured, your own PIP auto insurance will cover your medical bills up to $10,000. If you have uninsured motorist coverage (UM) you can proceed with a claim for your injury (if you are injured) under your own UM coverage, in place of the BI or bodily injury insurance that the hit and run driver should have carried.

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