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Sold our land with a land contract to neighbors in Utah. We moved to Nebraska. Some of our personal property is still there.

Lincoln, NE |

We sold our home with land to our friends in Utah with a Trust Deed. The deadline to get the rest of our personal property was the end of March. We have emails from them stating that they are keeping our property safe and they understand our recent cimcumstances that have delayed our trip back to Utah. As recently as March 7 we got an email from them stating everything was fine and they would see us as soon as we get there. In April the emailed us saying that all of our personal property was now theirs. The contract also states that they don't take possession until March,(that is when their payments began) but they took posession a year ago via verbal agreement and emails. We hold titles to our truck and trailers that are there. Please advise us of our rights.

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Attorney answers 2


You would have to contact a contracts/landlord tenant lawyer in Utah where the property and possessions are located.


My colleague is correct. You need to contact an attorney in Utah to help you sort this out. I hope you have copies of the e-mails and your vehicle titles.

Good luck.