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Social security disability CDR

Columbus, OH |

This year I was scheduled for my continuing disability review. I received a one page questionnaire and returned it. Approximately 3 weeks later I got a letter telling me they were going to review my case, but they do not need to review my case at this time. They said they will not contact my doctor now. They will keep any information I have given them.

I have been on disability since 2004 for schizoaffective disorder. I am 49 now and have had three reviews before. One after I worked for a month. Do you know if there may be reviews in the future?

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David Mallen

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Could there be reviews in the future? Sure. Make sure you are keeping up with your treatments for if/when they start a review.

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Yes, there will be reviews in the future, but they may be abbreviated due partly to the number of reviews that fund you not improved. With schizoaffective disorder it is likely the disability evaluators will always look at your case through rose-colored glasses, and you will always be considered a MIP (Medical Improvement Possible.)

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Social Security can review as many times or as frequently as they desire. Further reviews become less likely with the passage of time.

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SSA is supposed to review all claims every 3 to 7 years. Many times the review consists of exactly what you describe - a contact with you, a form filled out and a letter explaining that you wil stay on benefits.

So, yes, you can expect more reviews, at least until you are over 55.

Hope that helps!!

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