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Social Security Disability Back-Pay and Food Stamp Benefits

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I've been receiving foodstamps (one year) after being laid off from work, and was just recently approved for permanent Social Security Disability Benefits, will the lump sum back payment from SSD (expected to be over $5000) affect my future food stamp benefits? In other words when it's time for me to recertify for my food stamp benefits and if by then I've received the lump sum back pay and dutifully inform them of such payment, are they going to cut off my benefits due to the fact that I will then have cash on hand even though I'm now 100% disabled and caring for three school aged children on my own? It seems like a Catch-22 situation to me. Thanks in Advance for your answer.

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Soical Security is not welfare. Food stamps are welfare. Generally, when it comes to welfare all income is considered but you can check with your local legal aid office to be sure this answer is correct.

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All income and assets can affect food stamps. The month the back pay comes in is income. Anything left over the next month is an asset. It must be reported to the food stamp office. Depending on the formula applied, the back pay may reduce or eliminate your food stamps. However, once that back pay is paid down to the exempt amount (usually $2000) or less, the food stamps will not be effected. However, your monthly pay may also affect the food stamps.

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