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Social Security Disability - Dependent benefits

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I have two children. I was approved for SSDI. I understand my dependent children are also eligible for benefits, typically 1/2 of my PIA. My SSDI = $800, so I should receive $400 ($200 for each child) for my two children. My question is how does social security deposit my children's benefit? I have direct deposit for my benefit. Will the benefit for my children be combined with my benefit and be deposited? Or, will each child get $200 deposited separately to my account? Or, will there simply be one $400 payment for both children deposited to my account for the children? I suppose my question is how many deposits will be made to my bank account....One, two, or three? Will the backpay for my children also come separately or be combined with mine? Thank you.

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These questions will be most precisely answered by the Social Security claims representative who processes the dependent benefits. Although a dependent benefit application is supposed to be automatic, it often is not. When the Notice of Award for the wage-earner benefits is received, you should inquire about the status of the dependent benefit awards. Additional documentation such as birth certificates may be required. Be aware that the total dependent benefits may be less than one-half PIA. The amount is individually determined based on the wage-earner work record and is designated as "FAM MAX" in Social Security's records. It is unlikely that the three benefits will be combined because the dependent benefits are processed separately, and may be payable on a different day of the month. Even the two dependent benefits might be paid separately, but they will all direct deposit into the account you instruct.

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You didnt let us know whether you have custody of your children. If you do not, then the parent who has custody will be the representative payee to handle the children's benefits. Regarding the deposit of these benefits, depedent's benefits are not automatically set up and require an application to be filed. At that time, the claims representative will give you more information on how the benefits are processed.

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