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Social security card

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Dear attorneys,I have such a question.Here is a story,which I recently heard.One person said,that he knows a guy,who is an immigrant and had a work permit,which allowed him to work,when his work permit expired,he did not renew it,because it costs almost 400 dollars,instead,he somehow made a social security card with his own number on it and he had a driver license as well and he keeps working...Do you think it can be true and do you think there is a chance that he will get caught with that and how?Would be very interesting to hear your opinion.Thanks.

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I agree with my colleagues. Anything, including this, can be true but he will get caught and he will face serious charges.
Keep your distance from that scenario.


Do I think it can be true? Yes. Do I think it's legal? No.

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Your friend made a fraudulent SS card. He's liable for criminal offenses. Do not follow your friend in his line of thinking.