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So i went to a hearing mandatory settlement conference n my lawyer said all they where offering was $5,000

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She said she cld try to get me more but the council had left n told she will give me a call back. then two weeks later i receive a letter saying it appearing that defendant has filed an order compelling attendance at deposition and there having been no petition to compel filed with the court good cause not appearing it is ordered that the proposed order compelling attendance at depositiin should be and hereby is denied.. what does that mean help

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Apparently the defendant tried to get an order to compel you to attend a deposition without first making a motion. It sounds very strange.

I assume you have asked your lawyer. She would know best.



Thats what i dont understand. If i was able to speak to my lawyer i would in a heartbeat just that his never in his office. And he never returns my calls.


This is a duplicate post.


Doesnt make a lot of sense. It seems like the deft wanted to take your deposition. I assume that the trial date is coming up, and discovery usually is cut off 30 days before trial. The defense apparently tried in some way to get the court to order you to appear for a deposition, and their request was denied. Your atty should be able to give you the details.



It kind uh makes a lil sense what u jist explained to me. hopefully it is what u just wrote to me but i will try n keep trying till i talk to my lawyer n let him explain to me what it really means because i am very confused. thank u for ur help


You have a lawyer, you need to contact her--she has all the details.

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