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So Apparently I have Retail Theft Charges on my background that i'm unaware of from Oct 2012!

Pittsburgh, PA |

I had quit my job because it was to far of a commute from home. A week after i quit my boyfriend got a call from a man asking for me about a apartment. When I grabbed the phone it was a Police officer asking me to come to the station to identify a gentleman. We thought it was a joke and blocked the call. I then receive a VM saying If i don't get down her i'm going to County Jail, again thought it was a joke. Until a recent job I applied for says I have retail theft charges on my BG! I didn't take anything! Only thing I can think of that I did was made a mistake and made rang up a guy who was flirting with me with more change than he was supposed to have. I set the receipt to the side with a note to the team leader about the mistake and I had to run to catch a bus. How do I fix this!

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You need to talk to an experienced criminal defense attorney in your area to help you sort this out. I would not post any further details on a public website--you need to TALK with counsel. Most criminal practitioners offer free initial consultations. I would be happy to discuss this with with you in greater detail if you would like to call me. (412) 551-4960



Thank you I will be calling


You need to sit down with an experienced criminal defense attorney. There may be ways to defend against this and fix the situation, unless there are significant facts that have been left out.


I agree with my colleagues. Do not put anything further on a public site and immediately retain an experienced criminal defense attorney to represent you. There may be a warrant out for your arrest.