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Slumlord me please.

Tacoma, WA |

I am currently residing in a transitional home where my babies and I have been exosed to scabies, ringworms, mold and possibly bed bugs for a year. I have records from our physicians to support this claim. I have expressed both my concern and distress with them as well as offered a possible solution to eradicate the issue altogether. Because I am behind on my rent and I am very vocal about the unsanitary living conditions, I was served a 3-Day Pay or Vacate notice although I am not the furthest behind on my rent. That is fine. However, I have tried several times (before my notice) to have the health department or code enforcement to come out to inspect the deplorable conditions but to no avail. The owner has given everyone ew the30 days to vacate (except me). What can I do to

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In Tacoma, you start by giving the owner written notice of the conditions you are complaining about, and you keep a copy of your letter to the owners. THEN you take that letter to Chi'Quata Elder, who is the landlord-tenant coordinator for the City of Tacoma and ask her to set up the Code Enforcement inspection. She will. But refusing to pay rent will end with you and your kids being evicted. If you pay your rent, the City can investigate and help you. Elizabeth Powell

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