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Slip n fall in a major restaurant bathroom?

North Las Vegas, NV |

I fell in a bathroom the restaurant didn't have a wet floor sign up do I have a good case to sue?

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Possibly. There are two primary issues you have to prove: 1) that a hazardous condition existed; and 2) that the property owner knew or should have known that the hazardous condition existed and failed to remedy the condition. The owner's knowledge may be an issue. Do you know how the floor became wet? There are plenty of other questions that need answers before anyone can adequately assess your case. Feel free to comment, email or call with any questions.

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You may have a case but more information is needed. The particular circumstances of your fall are very important. What was on the floor? Where in the restroom did you fall? Were they on notice of the substance? Should you have noticed it yourself? Are you hurt? What are your injuries? How long were you hurt before seeking medical treatment? The answers to these questions and many others are vitally important. You really should consult with a local personal injury attorney asap. I or any of my fellow Avvo contributors would be happy to speak with you. Good luck to you.


Possibly. Were you injured? If so, seek an experienced personal injury attorney asap to investigate further. Many such attorneys offer free consultations. Good luck.

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Consult one of these experienced Avvo lawyers in your area to get the answer to this question. It is not possible to answer it with such little information and on a forum post.


It depends. Do you know why or how the floor got wet?


Possibly. Best bet is to call one of the above distinguished attorneys in your state to investigate


Slip and fall accident cases can be tricky, not because of the facts, but because of the legal standard that must be proven. One way to help your case is to obtain photographs of the condition, including the whole area, as well as photographs of any injuries you sustained. Take the pictures as soon as possible. Also getting the names and contact information of any witnesses would help tremendously. Even if there was a "dangerous condition" present, you must also prove that they had notice, meaning it must have been on the floor long enough for them to have noticed and had adequate time to either clean it up or at least provide warnings, and failed to do so. The more evidence you can obtain the stronger case you can make. I strongly recommend consulting a personal injury attorney to evaluate the potential value of your case, and most personal injury attorneys provide free initial consultations. Good luck!

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