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Slip and Fall Vs. Trip and Fall

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I had what I thought was a slip and fall accident on the stairs outside my apt. but upon futher investigation, turned out that I tripped not slipped. Is this change of the way the accident occured damaging to my case?

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In the world of torts a Slip & Fall is an injury has many definitions, but one of them is that a Slip & Fall case includes when someone slips, trips or falls as a result of a dangerous or hazardous condition through the negligence of a property owner.

Trip or slip --- if the cause was negligence by someone else you have a case.

Good luck.


Slip trip & Fall Cases.

If the matter actually goes to trial or if the adjusters are smart you will not get a good settlement, or verdict unless your story jibes with your experts story and the laws of the universe. Make sure your lawyer gets a good expert. Experts are the key to these kinds of slip trip & Fall Cases.


It's merely a term to describe what physical act took place. It should not affect your case unless you testified one way and then later made certain changes to your testimony which affect your credibility.

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