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Slip and Fall at a WalMart in SD

Rapid City, SD |

I was on vacation in SD when, in a Walmart store, I slipped on a "gel like substance" at the register. Although I did not fall to the ground, I did twist and sprain my knee (confirmed by Dr) in the process. WM's Claims Dept has been rude, defensive and accusatory and stated there would be an "investigation" if a claim was made. If tapes were pulled they would most likely be able to identify the source of the spill, how long it had been there, the actual fall AND the cashier coming around the register and clean "something" up after the fact. How do I request and, and at the same time, what am I entitled to for out of pocket costs to Dr.'s, loss of vacation time, time spent on phone calls and research and pain and suffering? I am in AZ

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It's all on tape. My office has dealt with the store before. Just call me.


Contact a personal injury attorney near the store location to discuss and investigate further.


Consult an attorney ASAP before critical evidence is destroyed.

Call for a free consultation at 727-937-1400 or visit us on the Web at


You do it by consulting with a local personal injury attorney


You won't make much headway without a lawyer. You know what to do.


One problem that you may face, with or with or without a lawyer, is that many stores, and in Las Vegas where I practice, casinos, refuse to release their security video unless a lawsuit is filed which makes it hard for a lawyer to investigate a claim before filing suit which is just the way the stores want it. This has the effect of making lawyers not want to take a case that depends on a security video they haven't seen unless the damages are fairly significant.

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