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Slander/Libel/Defamation of Character?

Arcata, CA |

My fiance is going through a Family Case with the mother of his daughter. I got in trouble 10 years ago and ultimately had my criminal case dismissed 4 years ago. In the mothers response, she and her lawyer have made some really nasty statements about me that are very untrue. They state in writing that I am aggressive (untrue) and that I am a convicted felon (untrue). Is this defamation of character? I am not the same person I was 10 years ago. I work at a financial institution in my area, live in a 3 bedroom home, do not do drugs like they state in the papers. The problem I am having with this is that now all of the court clerks and court personell and the mothers lawyer have read all of these untrue statements about me. I make good money, but I can't afford a lawyer around here .

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Attorney answers 2


You should contact a legal aid clinic or law school to inquire if they will provide free or low cost legal representation.


If those allegations were made as part of the Court proceeding, your remedies may be limited. The remedy would be for your fiance to make a motion to strike the offending material. I do not think you have a case for libel.