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Since I have a Right of Way access on my property can I charge people for accessing my property as I need to maintain that area?

Graham, WA |

I own a parcel on a highway. Since the State can charge the public for using public roads as a toll, can I set up a toll booth on my property to collect a fee for the use of my property? I mean if the State can charge people wrecklessly while we pay property taxes, tabs, and other taxes, why cant we charge the public for the use of my property?

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The State controls the roadways, maintenance thereon, traffic violations, etc. You are not in the same position as the State with your property and the right of way access you apparently granted.



The State controls the major roads, highways, and freeways but has little authority over roads that have Right Away access. Such as a right away caused by an easment on a person(s) property may be a dirt road, still the person who owns the property can go to court and deny easement or right away access when to much problems occur on the easement. Thus the owner may and can get a court order to remove the easement and right away. If this is not true, then can you provide the RCW or WAC supported by a RCW that denies it. Thanks



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