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Simple misdemeanor criminal trespass charge-IA

Iowa City, IA |

The person was charged with simple misdemeanor criminal trespass charge for not leaving the premises of her ex-BF even when the police came and asked her to leave his property. She was not harming the ex BF in any possible way but wanted to talk to him. Now the case has been registred but the BF is willing to take the complaint back or help in any possible way to get the case dismissed. Is there any way that it will be possible?

Thanks in advance.

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Once the police and prosecutor are involved it is out of the hands of BF. The BF is only a witness and the local prosecutor representing the state handles the case. If a law has been broken it's up to the prosecutor to uphold the law and charge the GF. Saying that, most prosecutors I know are overworked and underpayed and would be happy to dismiss a Mickey Mouse case like this. The BF should write a letter to the prosecutor asking that the case be dismissed. If the BF, who is the victim is uncooperative with the prosecutor, the prosecutor may just dump the case.

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