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Signing Over Parental Rights and Stopping Child Support

Naples, FL |

I got a divorce 4 to 5 years ago, since then she has moved out of the state of Florida with our child whose is 14.... I have not seen or talked to her in 4 years but I pay support and my ex is trying to get more money for support.... I am wanting to sign over all my rights to the child and stop paying the child support how do I do this?? I am now married again with a son and we are not able to get a place of our own or even buy anything for our son... we want to get out from her parents home but we are unable to do this because of the support....... HELP what do I do???

I have not seen or talk to her in 4 years and I know for a fact the my ex has told her things about me that isn't true and my ex actually turn her away from me. My ex is in another relationship and her boyfriend/fiance has stepped up to the plate and she now calls him dad...... which is fine by me because I can not afford to go to the other state to see her or pay for her to come to me... plus I don't have my own place for her to stay at. I just want to move on in my life....... my ex has herassed my wife, my wife's parents, and my family. My ex has caused nothing but problems for me and my wife and our family. So I don't want to pay support for a child I dont see or talk too and I want to sign over all my rights to her and let my ex's boyfriend/fiance handle it.

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You cannot unilaterally terminate your parental rights to stop paying support. You may petition the Court to allow you to see your child. In fact, you have every right to see and speak with your child on a regular basis. If she is wanting to have the child support increased, she will have to prove that the circumstances have changed substantially and that either your income has risen since your divorce was final, or that her income has lowered, the child has increased needs not being met by child support. But you cannot stop child support, absent a court order.