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Show cause hearing regarding contempt of court for child support arrearage, what happens here?

Morehead, KY |

My ex is currently approx. $1500 in arrears, and hasn't paid a cent towards child support since it was ordered in August (ex also waived his hearing and voluntarily agreed to pay the ordered monthly payments). He has been sent an order requiring him to appear to show cause as to why he should not be held in contempt of court for failure to pay child support when it was approx $1200 in arrears. He was contacted by the caseworker, and told her that he wasn't paying (this was in October, and she told him that she would be sending him contempt papers). He makes plenty to cover the CS, but refuses to pay. What will probably happen at this hearing? Are they going to let him off for a small payment and a license revocation, or will they jail him if they find him in contempt?

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that depends on the judge and what your ex says, you be quiet and reserved

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