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Should we send a letter to the judge or just wait for the atty?See 2nd attchment. Ty very much for your expertise!!!

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My son is 23 & in jail.Back in June he had been hanging with kids that drink & he went to a bachelor party & and he ended up in a parking lot of a topless place but never entered the place.A 275lb. 6'4" blk bouncer came out and chased him & he took off & a car ran into him on highway.Praise the Lord-no one was hurt. They had a rental car.He was chrged with hit & skip& 6mths in jail!They wanted to charge him w/ovi but the atty had a jury trial & they found him NG;We want him 2 get work release,online school,house arrest?The atty is very good but always busy and late;he tells us he is going to work on getting him out and he doesnt;He has been in there for 7weeks now!Last week he told us he called the court and asked for a hrng & motion for him to be released.We called the court-nothing!

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I would talk to the attorney concerning your concerns, if your son shares the same concerns. It is difficult without knowing more about the case to give you advice, but because your son has a lawyer you should address them with him.

It is also not clear to me if your son has already been sentenced or if the case is still pending.

This is not the establishment of a client-attorney relationship, no advice is given until communication occurs in person or over the phone.



Ty for responding!He is in jail now and sentenced for 6months.

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