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Should we hire a lawyer to handle our daughter's NC speeding ticket and if so, why and how much should we expect it to cost?

Manassas, VA |

17 year old VA resident traveling 88 in a 70 mph speed limit zone in Edgecome County, NC. Claims she was keeping with the flow of traffic. She is required to appear in court with her parents. Charge is speeding.

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Whether you should hire a lawyer depends on several factors that only you can provide the answers to, such as: Do you know what the direct and collateral sentencing consequences are? and, Do you know what the typical plea arrangements are if a plea was desired? If you do not, consult directly with a lawyer licensed in VA who can answer these questions and provide you with a fee quote that you can then use as a basis for a cost/benefit analysis to determine whether to hire a lawyer. You can also discuss the issue of whether keeping up with the traffic is a valid defense in VA (It is not a defense here in NJ). Good luck.

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Yes. You should fight her ticket. see links.


If it's only a traffic infraction and not a charge of reckless driving, there should be no need for you to hire a N. Carolina attorney for something you and the daughter should be able to handle by yourselves. (Offer to have her plead guilty to the speeding infraction if they reduce the number by 10 or so mph in excess of the posted speed limit.)

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