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Should we get a second opinion & when?

North Smithfield, RI |

After 4 years our lawyers drop on us last week that we shouldn't proceed with our case. It is a complicated case involving many defendants. The lawyers claim our case is worth close to $1,000,000. and we will probably spend about $200,000. on expert witnesses. Our medical insurance company is also listed as a subrugated (?) plaintiff. Workers Compensation is also involved. When we hired them they had a lawyer/engineer who is no longer with them. After they said they wanted to drop the case I did convince them with info I had obtained online to go for a settlement and see what response they got. I would like to contact the original lawyer/engineer for a second opinion. When would it be best to do this?

We have already settled the worker's compensation case. When I said they were involved I meant that of course they would want to recover some money at the end of this product liability case if in fact we do succeed in obtaining a settlement or winning. Also this case is in WI not RI as that is where the accident occurred.

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Contact the lawyer/engineer immediately if you're ready to (1) pay for all his time, possibly to include 100s of hours of reviewing materials and (2) you're ready to hear the claim isn't NOT the Million Dollar Baby you thought it might be.


In response to the workers' compensation portion of your question, you are advised to seek an opinion about the workers' compensation part of your claim as well as the other aspects of your claim. Please feel free to contact my office at 401 273 3000. The lawyers in my office routinely appear before the Rhode Island Workers' Compensation Court. Please let me know if we can be of any assistance. Best of luck.

The opinion above should not be interpreted to be legal advice but rather an opinion. Attorney / Client relationship is not being established by the comments contained above.


There is no reason not to contact the other attorney that you had, since they have a better understanding of the case. This sounds like it should be in the personal injury category so I will switch to see if you get any other answers.



Thanks. At this point I am worried about stepping on our current lawyers toes as in our last phone call I did convince them to try for a settlement before they made a definite decision not to proceed. ~ Also if they do decide not to proceed how long do we have to find a new lawyer?

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