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Should my son do the diversionary program offered in Scranton, PA for an underage drinking citation

Scranton, PA |

My son got a citation for underage drinking and it has been recommended that he take their diversionary program and his record will be cleared. But I haven't been able to get a definitive answer regarding his license being suspended. Will his license still be suspended even if he completes the diversionary program successfully? Thank you.

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There are different programs some involving a license suspension. It is in your child's interest that you retain a criminal defense attorney to make sure that there won't be a license suspension.


I always suggest that you hire a criminal defense attorney to make sure you know all your options since the prosecutor isn't obligated to tell you all the options available.

"Nothing in this communication is meant to establish an attorney-client relationship. The information is provided for educational purposes only. No action will be taken on your behalf unless you have have hired me and entered into a written retainer agreement. I am only licensed in Tennessee and I suggest contacting an attorney in your specific city and state as soon as possible to avoid any statute of limitations deadlines, if applicable."


I agree with the answers you've received thus far; having the assistance of experienced legal counsel is always helpful in my opinion. Your alternative would be to address this at the magistrate's office involved. They should be able and willing to inform you about the license consequences if any. Good lcuk.