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Should my mother remove my fathers name from house deed ?

Trenton, NJ |

My father had passed and my mother was wondering if his name should be removed from deed. In the event any of his creditors may come after the house when she passes, or does the house go to the remaining children ?

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It is not necessary to remove your father's name from the deed if they purchased the property as husband and wife. Such ownership is called a tenancy by the entirety. Once a spouse passes then that spouses share reverts to the surviving spouse. You should retain a copy of the death certificate to show proof of death when the house is sold. If there was money owed to a creditor and a judgment was obtained against your father then those liens would have to be satisfied before the house could be sold. I would strongly suggest that your mom prepare a Will so that ownership of the property can be administered after her death. A transfer for no or nominal consideration will not wipe out debts to creditors.

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If they were married at his

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You should look at the deed.

If both your father and mother are named on the deed and their names are followed by "Husband and Wife" or "H/W", then there is no need to change the deed. The words husband and wife on a deed create a tenancy by the entireties which means that your mother owns 100% of the property.

If the deed only has your father's name, then an estate deed should be filed to transfer the home to your mother.

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