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Should my girlfriend push for a joint suspension

Nevada City, CA |

my girl was charged in Nevada city ca with grand theft 2 counts 2nd degree burglary passing factious check and a fake id. it sounds bad and i no it is but she has a good job and a son and is in a good church and is doing well it was kinda her past came back to haunt her so I'm hoping for a miracle does she sound like she could get a joint suspension or alternative sentencing

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Obviously she needs a criminal defense attorney and I suspect she already has the public defender. Certainly anything is possible, depending on her criminal record, the amount of loss and other factors. The fact that she has a son, has a good job and is church going are certainly mitigating factors to argue, but the court will certainly wonder why she didn't think of her son and job when she was committing crimes. Doe she have any mental health issues, was she in difficult financial straits or is she fairly young? These are other things a court might consider in determining an appropriate sentence. However, without knowing all the facts, it is difficult to know how things will turn out. If you want to talk to a private attorney, many offer free or low cost consultations.

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I agree that it depends on many factors. I will add that I would be very careful with a suspended sentence because it can really set your girlfriend up for failure if a small violation later sent her to prison. Consult with an experienced attorney in your area and good luck.


Get an attorney where you live. This is key. He or she will know what the local District Attorney who will have input in this. Making changes is very difficult because if a deal is made, and she breaks the deal in any way, she may find herself on the way to State prison. There are always, and I do mean always some facts that you are not aware of that the DA has and will make the difference. These have to be considered when trying to change a deal. You need that local attorney even the Public Defender.