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Should I worry about getting sued from a car accident where I was at fault?

Hasbrouck Heights, NJ |

I was car #5 in a 5 car accident on the highway. This was 6 months ago, and my insurance has paid out $22,000 in damages to the other vehicles, as it was determined I was at fault. There was no ambulance at the scene, but my ins. co, did advise me that one person was "injured". No specifics on the injury, and no medical claims have as of yet been filed against my insurance. I do have good insurance: liability 250/500.
My carrier just declined to renew me due to the payout of this accident. My new ins co is charging me a whole lot more money, and I can not afford to stick with my great liabilty. My concern is that a year from now this "injured" person will say that they've been undergoing treatments for somthing that was my fault steming from this accident. Should I be worried?

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The policy in place at the time of the accident would govern.

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Only if the damages exceed your $250,000 personal injury liability amount. Stay in touch with your insurance carrier to determine how they are handling the claim.

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You may be sued if the injured party and your insurance company do not settle. Your insurance company will still pay for the law suit. If you are served, send it to the insurance company. I agree that you should keep in touch with them. You have a very good policy limit.

Daniel John Mccarey

Daniel John Mccarey


I would just add that the insurance company will only pay up to the policy limits per occurrence. With this many potential plaintiffs involved, your policy could quickly be exhausted if multiple drivers or passengers sue (they have 2 years to do so in NJ). If the policy limits are not enough to satisfy the plaintiff's they can sue you personally for more than your insurance policy limits.

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