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Should I turn in this complaint form on officer before I go to trial? How can he do this. He is trying to get me killed.

Mendon, IL |

a task force officer planted drugs on my property and I am going to trial for it. He stated that he place the drugs in a bag. That I agreed to take them.. The informant which is now deceased was wearing a wire and video recored device. She told me that there was close and alcohol in the bag. But the police say she told me other wise. now of coarse no video or audio susposively faulty wiring. the bag of close was picked up by my husband, we was tackled to the ground and arrested for meth making materials. how can he of put the bag of illegal drugs on my property and now telling people who get busted they can thank me for it. Telling people I am a snitch. people are dieing here for snitching. He admitted to telling people this under oath and that it was not true.please help I have kids

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