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Should I trust this immigration lawyer?

Buffalo, NY |

Some of the things he said contradicted my research regarding green cards through marriage. First, he said that you definitely need either a marriage or fiance visa, even if my fiance is already in the country for OPT. He said that the total cost for disbursements would be less than $1000, but our research showed $1490. When we questioned him about this, he said that it was under $1000 "last time he looked". He also was not clear as to when my fiance will be able to start working, mentioning 1 week with the fiancee visa and up to 6 months with the marriage visa. His fees were significantly less than other lawyers in the area, and while I find this tempting it is also a bit concerning. Does it seem like he knows this area of practice well enough?

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I cannot speak to what your lawyer told you but if your fiance is in the USA he or she does not need a fiance visa . You do need to get married to sponsor your spouse. The filing fees are $1490 if your spouse is in the United States. They will get work authorization approximately 3 months from filing the application and the green card in about 6 months. Cheap sometimes is expensive. Go with an attorney who has good reviews and is recommended.


Seems not to be too up to date, but could be able to take care of it.

The above is intended only as general information, and does not constitute legal advice. You must speak with an attorney to discuss your individual case.


I agree with my colleague. I cannot speak to what your current attorney has told you. Generally if your fiance is in the US under a legal status you can get married and apply directly for a green card.

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Go with an attorney who has good reviews


Buffalo! I'm from Niagara Falls originally but now live and practice in FL. Unfortunately, you usually get what you pay for. No nonimmigrant visa is necessary based upon the facts provided above. The green card application is $1,070.00. Yes, $1,490.00 is the total. EAD takes up to 3 months. I would recommend getting a second opinion. I represent clients worldwide if you need further help!


Price-wise, I do not see much of a problem. Information-wise, you might be misunderstanding some of what he says. My general approach is very pragmatic - you find an attorney you feel comfortable with. That should include some research, recommendations, credentials, reviews and personal interview with the attorney. View it as a job interview. You are hiring someone to work for you. Once you chose, stick to the lawyer and do not second guess his decisions. It is very difficult environment - immigraiton law. When your client, who is not an expert in this difficult area of law, second-guesses your each step, it is better not to have such a client. If you have doubts, or would like to check the charted course, there is nothing wrong with that either. Find another attorney with good reputation and seek second opinion. However, this is my personal, unscientific and completely not legal-advice kind of take on this issue.

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Because I don't know what was said, it's hard to give you a definite answer However, there are so many immigration attorneys out there that you have the luxury of following your instinct and moving on.

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Interesting question


If you do not like what you hear then do not hire this lawyer to help you.

The answer provided here is general in nature and does not take into account other factors that may need to be reviewed for a more precise answer. You should consult with an immigration attorney before taking any action. The answer here is not intended to create an attorney-client relationship.


First of all, check if you are dealing with an attorney who is licensed to practice law. In NY, you can call the Office of Court Administrator to check the person's license. Unauthorized practice of law is prevalent and unsuspecting immigrants who fall prey to their schemes. I suggest that you visit to learn more about who is authorized to assist in immigration matters.

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