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Should I(the plantiff) have an attorney for motion to show cause -violating Protective Order. The defendant may have counsel.

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The defendant wants to have the PO removed. I have many text messages, calls and voice messages as proof. He has even come to my residence. I'm afraid he will ask to have the order removed in the hearing on grounds that I filed in the "wrong" county.

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If you can afford counsel, it is almost always advisable to have counsel represent you in Court. The mere fact that you fear that you may have "filed in the wrong county" demonstrates why you should not represent yourself. There also is the practical problem of presenting evidence to the Court. You say that you have many text messages. Normally, evidence of this types must be presented through a witness who can authenticate the documents. Courts generally do not allow you to serve as attorney and witness. These are just some of the reasons that you should retain an attorney to represent you.


You may want to consider hiring an attorney. Without knowing more it is hard to say with certainty but if you have a DVPO in place I'm not really sure I understand why you believe he would be trying to dismiss based on jurisdiction, if order already in place he has already conceded jurisdiction. I am assuming your motion is in same county where DVPO was entered.

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