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Should i tell the lawyer the truth?

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I've committed a crime should i let the lawyer know the whole truth. I dont intend to plead guilty and my statement to the cops are not truthful too.

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Your lawyer may not want to know the whole truth and may never ask you if you did it (whatever it is). He or she will first want to review the police reports and other evidence to see if the case can be defeated without your participation or testimony. Some lawyers will ask if you did it, but it's not a good question until some trust has built up between you and the lawyer. The lawyer will be more interested in what story you would tell the jury and whether it is believable or not than in a confession from you. So tell the lawyer what the nature of your case is, answer his questions, don't lie to him and let him do his work.


As always, Mr. Kaman is absolutely correct. If something comes up in your case, do not lie to your lawyer about what occurred. Good luck.

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Absolutely. Without knowing all the facts, it is much more difficult for your attorney to competently represent you.