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Should i take to AOS interview( green card based on marriage) just whatever on the interview notice?

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I just received the interview notice two days ago and its just asking to bring with us a few things like photos and joint account statement ...but i have a lot more should i take everything with me or just what they asking? and also they asking for credit card and lease with both our names, we don't have any credit cards and the house has my husband name only what should we do ? thank you in advance ..what is it mean when they ask for like 5 things,is it like i should not go in without those?

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You should bring everything that substantiates the validity of your relationship even if it is not on the list. Bring copies and originals. They want to see evidence of shared assets and liabilities, trips, photos showing you with friends/family. They want to know you're sharing your life together and holding yourself out to people as a couple.

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Too hard to answer these questions in isolation without knowing more about your marriage and living situation and what documents were sent in already. If you would like assistance preparing then I would suggest retaining an attorney to go over all of these things with you in person or by phone.

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If an attorney helped you file, contact him/her and make sure you have the correct documents. Minimum would be to bring the documents listed. If you don't have the credit card and lease with both names on it bring another bill or statement that has both of you at the same address, maybe electric, gas, cable, phone, or gym membership, Have an attorney review the letter you received and the documents you intend to bring. Good luck.


Bring originals of everything filed with the original submission and any new documents that may prove the validity of the relationship. If you don't have a joint credit card or lease, it doesn't mean you will be denied, just make sure you bring anything that would prove the relationship including pictures taken after the application was submitted.
Also, make sure to bring recent pay stubs to show that income has not changed drastically since the adjustment was submitted. If you have any other questions or concerns, you may want to contact an attorney to help prepare you or even attend the interview with you.


Bring anything that reflects the validity of your marriage, it is better to have "too much" rather than not enough. Examples of things you could bring include copies of joint bank statements, a joint car lease, any prior house rentals that may have had both of your names, household belongings you may have purchased together on layaway, etc. that have both of your names, photos of you and your husband when you were dating, photos from your honeymoon, wedding, etc.

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