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Should I take a bearing company to small claims court for damages done to my car because of a defective part?

Minor Hill, TN |

I had to have a wheel bearing replaced on my car and the new bearing failed causing my car to go off the road and graze a tree. I got an estimate for 1100 dollars to fix the body damage. Nobody from the company has contacted me yet but the mechanic said they would probably offer to fix the mechanical damage but I would probably be on my own as far as the body damage goes since I don't have an accident report. Nobody but me received property damage so I saw no point in making my auto insurance go up by getting an accident report. What should I do if they refuse to pay the body damage? Just accept it and move on or could I get a lawyer and have them made to pay for all the damages my car received from their product?

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For an $1100.00 claim you should probably just move on. To prove product liability caused your damages would be really expensive for litigation. You could always send a demand letter if you believe the bearings caused the issue, or even file suit, and maybe they'll settle. But if the defendant contests the case, then it could get expensive for you to pursue it.

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In order to prove that the bearings caused the problem that caused the damage, you would need an expert witness. The fee to pay the expert would far exceed the amount of the property damage. I agree that the best avenue for you is to send a demand letter and see what happens, however I would not pursue litigation, as the expense would far outweigh the damage.

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