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Should I sue the physician or the Mirena?

Atlanta, GA |

I had the Mirena placed last year and the pain started from the moment it was placed, I ended up in the ER that night. I when back to my physician to see what was going on and remove it she said that they don't remove it before 5 year and my pain was due the the reaction of my body. But the pain would not go away, I when there more then 3 times over the year but I got the same answer and the last time, she refused to see me and sent her assistant to tell me that if I when to remove it I will have to go to another hospital because they don't remove it there. I finally got it remove by surgery because it was laying in my abdomen under my belly button. I was wondering if I should sue the hospital and physician for medical malpractice or file a complaint for the Mirena lawsuit.

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There is a lot more information necessary to make that determination. Contact a local medical malpractice attorney for advice.


I agree with my colleague. Get copies of all medical records and bring them to a local personal injury attorney who handles medical malpractices for his/her review. Good luck.

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A tiny handful of lawyers handle these cases, so Google mirena lawsuit to find a list of them. My firm does NOT handle these, sorry.