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Should I sue for this personal injury-product defect?

Downingtown, PA |

My hp laptop caused a reasonably large scar on my left leg. My laptop is the only source from which the scar could have formed. What is your opinion on taking action to try and file a lawsuit with the company?

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It sounds like you might have a pretty good defective product case if it can be proven to be the cause of your injury. My advice would be to consult an attorney who has experience in products liability. This is a rather specialized area of law, so make sure in your consult to ask your attorney what products they have found defective in the past. That is usually a good indicator of experience.


Let me answer your question with one of my own: How could a lightweight notebook computer possibly cause scarring unless it (the computer) was already damaged and had some sharp projection (or perhaps caused your scarring via excessive heat)? Either way, on its face, I think it is highly unlikely that any experienced attorney would take your case.

Always ask yourself how the company (or individual) you are considering suing would respond and what their questions would be. Clearly, there may be many facts that you have not included in your brief question; but regardless, even if the computer DID cause your scarring, product liability lawsuits are almost always very expensive and require expert witnesses (often engineers who charge $400+ per hour for their time plus large "retainers") and unless your personal injuries are extensive, it is simply not worth the time and expense to try and prove the claim against a company that will fight you every step of the way.


On the face of it, your question certainly suggests that the product is defective. After all, laptops are not supposed to hurt people or leave scars. If this laptop caused such an injury then it seems like it must be defective. But I'm concerned by the way your question is formed and what is missing from the discussion. You indicate that "My laptop is the only source from which the scar could have formed?" This suggests to me that you've used a deductive process to conclude that the laptop caused a scar. Which makes me wonder, didn't you notice the injury when it happened?

This concern, combined with the lack of a description of how the injury actually occurred or what is defective about the product makes me note my reservation about whether this is actually a viable case, Downington.

Maybe more info would help to clear up these issues.

Good luck, Downington.



Is this something that happened because of a fire event or something that occurred over time? If fire, it may be a good case and you should contact an attorney. If not, it sounds difficult. Either way you should get advice. Good luck.

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