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Should I sue a doctor for malpractice

Fort Wayne, IN |

had sinus surgery when palip was removed it caused a csf leak the doctor attempted to fix went home a few days later just to return to hospital because it did not hold and I told them it was leaking before I left I assume doctor used laser to cut palip. Burnt too deep causing the leak. Had to take an additional month off work hospital bill alone was 80,000 dollars

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The facts you presented definitely lead me to believe you should contacting a medical malpractice attorney in Fort Wayne. What group was the doctor with? Parkview? Lutheran? My office handles medical malpractice and we have an attorney who was a Physician's Assistant for many years before becoming any attorney. I think it is in your best interest to start looking around for a medical malpractice attorney. Remember, you have a two year statute of limitations. Additionally, it is probably best to get your case evaluated by an attorney sooner, rather than later. Feel free to contact me for a free legal consultation, I'd be glad to answer any questions you may have and explain the medical review panel process in the State of Indiana.



It was IU health in indy the doctor say the palip thinned the bone to egg shell thin and it disentigrated when palip was removed the doctor said he had another surgery so he had another doctor do the second surgery but he was in the operating room for the surgery and I never saw him again the second Doctor has been doing all followed up appointments since. Again I am not sure he used a laser. Just got another bill for 34000.00 more. I did have mri and ct scans before operation and a few more ct scans after.

Nathaniel O Hubley

Nathaniel O Hubley


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