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Should I speak to an insurance company who claims I owe them 16k, after four years and should I get an attorney and what type?

Manassas, VA |

I had a car accident. At a stop sign my foot slipped off the break which then i bumped into the van in-front. I tried moving form the road due to traffic. Now i am also a cussed of trying to flee. I am not aware if their is an order. I have a letter from the year of 09, that say they may file a lawsuit against me to recover damage of $13,182.08. Their was no damage to anyone or cars. They spelled my last name wrong. The company that the insurance hired called me which the rep. was really rude. They stated that they have paper work ready to submit to DMV to get my license suspended if I don't pay. The company has called me three times. I only had a learners permit at the time no adult in the car but my son who was 3 years was in the car with me. I payed my tickets and went to driving school.

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Consult a defense attorney ASAP to investigate your options. Be certain to take all the information you have.

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Calling a car accident attorney in your area and getting a quick opinion is the way to go. The revocation is what you want to prevent. But, you may have to get a lawyer if the other driver in the car accident files suit against you.


Have a local lawyer try to negotiate this down and get you on an affordable payment plan.


Hire a a general practice attorney to start with. Most will provide you with a free consultation.


Call an attorney who specializes in car accident litigation defense.

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