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Should I seek private council for a federal conspiracy drug charge?

Rochester, NY |

I am facing a federal charge of Conspiracy with the intent to distribute Methylone. The charges were brought when a controlled delivery was taken place after an individual (Who we will call David) who was arrest in separate drug charges informed police about a shipment coming in from China to the USA containing 1 kilogram of Methylone. DEA & DHS asked me questions I made it clear I was severely intoxicated from stimulants, alcohol and weed edibles. I said I was selling Methylone. I didn't say I am taking the wrap for David because if I did receive the drugs I would be given free drugs to support my habit. David told me days before if I get caught that if I snitch that it would be problems, where he lifted his shirt and showed me the end of a handgun. David still sells drugs even after this

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It's always better to have a private lawyer.

The above answer, and any follow up comments or emails is for informational purposes only and not meant as legal advice.


These are serious charges and you need the best defense possible. Federal drug charges carry heavy penalties. Your statements are damaging and you have been threatened. You need to contact a competent federal criminal defense lawyer and don't make any statements to any law enforcement or your co-defendants going forward.

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You should exercise your right to counsel and your right to remain silent.

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Private or CJA - either way you need help quick.


You should definitely consult with a lawyer as soon as possible. CJA lawyers and Public Defenders are good lawyers; however you cannot get a court appointed lawyer until you are arrested. A private lawyer can speak with the U. S. Attorney and possibly protect you from "David". You may even be able to avoid being arrested.


Obtain a private lawyer or request a court appointed lawyer ASAP.

Please do NOT use this answer/response to say or do anything regarding your situation. This answer/response is based on the information provided in the question asked and requires a much more complete context than is available in this public forum. BEFORE you say or do anything consult with an experienced Federal and/or state criminal defense attorney in your jurisdiction who will listen to you and your concerns.