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Should I say yes to inheritance when I don't know the person?

Texas |

My husband works for a grocery store and an eldery lady told my husband she didn't have family and wanted to leave it to him - house and "quite a bit of money". We don't know this lady that well and it scares me, what are we getting ourselves into? She is 85 and doesn't have anyone that checks on her and I feel that God is wanting us to keep an eye on her while she is living - hate to think of her dying and no one ever finding her. What should we ask before we say yes to her sweet request? I don't want to inheret someone elses debt.

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You will not inherit someone else's debt. It sounds like this women is genuinely grateful. If she chooses to leave you her estate, let her do so. There is nothing you should ask of her nor is there anything you should do to. It is her decision to do so, and if she does so it your decision to simply say thank you.