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Should I report my landlords???

Calvert, TX |

I moved into a house in April 2013 and everything looked good but once winter came is when things changed. I rearrange my living room to accommodate my Christmas tree and this is when I noticed black spots along the wall. I did a little research to see what it was and it looked like mold so I took pictures and sent then to the landlord. I asked if it could be fixed because I didn't want to put my health or that of my unborn baby at risk and she told me they would treat it hit that it would return and I should move out.the husband told me he's aware of this issue and his wife,a realtor, never disclosed this info to me. Should I take them to court for this b/c I am rushing to find a house in a very short time while paying rent still??

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You need damages to sue. You will need to quantify your damages, have all the evidence ready, then you could sue. Consult with a local attorney.

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You might want to consult the property code to the extent it deals with matters concerning health and safety. It could give you claims.