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Should I refute my ex-husband's accusations?

Santa Fe, TX |

My ex-husband sends multiple emails and texts to me in a day for days on end berating me as a mother, making false accusations, telling me that I need psychiatric help, ad naseum. I don't know if I should refute these accusations in an email back to him or just let him rant and rave. I think he is attempting to paint me as a crazy, incompetent mother and try to get the kids away from me. We have joint custody now and I do not keep the children from him on his ordered time. If these emails go unanswered will he be able to use them against me in court because I didn't respond? I don't know what to do!

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Harassing emails and texts are becoming quite common as an incident of divorce. His accusations are just that, accusations, until you respond. I would suggest you keep records of all these accusations and if the time comes and you need to refute their suggestions before a Court of Law, with the help of an experienced attorney, refute them then. Anything nasty or disrespectful you respond may be used against you so it is better to avoid making a record.

Contact an experienced family attorney if you need assistance in getting the Court to restrain his harassment.

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